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Krill Oil versus Fish Oil Infographic

krill oil vs fish oil infographics

Supplement of the week: Designs for Health XanthOmega Krill Oil

Quick Overview

XanthOmega™ Krill Oil provides a generous 12 mg per serving of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin to help achieve optimum benefits from this potent carotenoid. It would take eight conventional krill softgels to equal the astaxanthin levels in just one XanthOmega™ softgel! 

XanthOmega™ Krill Oil has a high phospholipid content, standardized to a minimum of 40% phospholipids, mostly as phosphatidylcholine. This updated version is considered to be a virgin krill oil -the purest form available. It contains higher phospholipid bioavailability, which enhances the absorption of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. Many studies suggest that this exceptionally high level of astaxanthin offers an array of benefits, which may include powerful antioxidant properties, cardiovascular health, sports performance, eye support, skin health, anti-inflammatory and gastric health support.

Product Description

Krill are tiny crustaceans found in the sea. They are the world's largest biomass and feed the largest animal, the blue whale. Krill oil extracted from Krill is a unique source of phosphatidyl choline bound to EPA and DHA. This combination confers a faster and more effective delivery of EPA and DHA in the body, and specifically to the brain, through better absorption and transport when compared to the normal triglyceride form found in fish oil. The phospholipids in krill oil are also bound to a powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin, known to cross the blood brain barrier. XanthOmega™ krill oil contains exceptionally high levels of both esterfied astaxanthin and phospholipids which account for the dark red color of the softgels. XanthOmega™ also naturally contains several other antioxidants including, canthaxanthin, beta carotene, vitamin E and trans-retinol vitamin A. These antioxidants protect this nutrient dense oil from oxidation. Designs for Health's XanthOmega™ krill oil is made using a unique cold-extraction process that converts it into stable oil. This process protects the lipids from alteration and avoids peroxidation. It is free of heavy metals and organohalide pollutants, making it extremely pure. This product does not cause reflux or regurgitation commonly experienced by those consuming regular fish oil supplements. 

Supplement of the Week: Designs for Health OmegAvail Synergy

OmegaVail Synergy

Quick Overview

This unique omega 3-6-7-9 formula contains a blend of wild deep-sea sourced fish oils containing the omega-3 fats (EPA/DHA) in the TruTG™ form, the most important omega-6 fat (GLA from borage oil), the omega-7 fat palmitoleic acid and omega-9 fat oleic acid from certified virgin organic macadamia nut oil. EPA helps keep GLA metabolism in an anti-inflammatory mode. In addition, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) plays as many important roles in human health as EPA, along with promoting brain wellness.

Designs for Health fish oil products carry the TruTG™ seal, which are delivered in the form found in nature and are of superior TG potency. The TruTG™ seal guarantees a minimum 90% triglyceride-bound (TG) omega-3 fish oils, a level that is 40% - 50% higher than the industry standard for most TG fish oil concentrate products.

As always, our fish oils are molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity and to maximize the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, PCBs, and other contaminants.

Product Description

OmegAvail™ Synergy 

This unique omega 3-6-7-9 formula contains a blend of wild deep-sea sourced fish oils containing the omega-3 fats (EPA/DHA) in the TruTG™ form, the most important omega-6 fat, GLA, from borage oil,the omega 7 fat palmitoleic acid and omega 9 fat oleic acid from certified virgin organic macadamia nut oil.

EPA helps keep GLA metabolism in an anti-inflammatory mode. In addition, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) plays as many important roles in human health as EPA, with an added benefit to brain function.

The TruTG™ Advantage

OmegAvail™Synergy still carries our TruTG™ seal, your assurance that the fish oils are in their natural triglyceride form and are of unmatched TG potency. Fish oils in the TG (triglyceride) form are as they occur in nature. Fish oil blends and concentrates bearing the TruTG™ seal are 90% to 100% triglyceride (TG) bound omega-3 oils –40%-50% higher than the industry standard for TG fish oil concentrate products!
Why the addition of lipase?

We have added lipase as a digestive aid. Lipase is an enzyme needed for breaking down lipids (fats). Lipase is primarily produced in the pancreas but is also produced in the mouth and stomach.[12]

While most healthy individuals produce sufficient amounts of pancreatic lipase, everyone can benefit from its inclusion as it relates to better digestion of fish oils. This is supported by studies that address:
  • The importance of lipase for the efficient digestion of dietary fats [3]
  • The need for lipase for those with digestive disorders that lead to pancreatic enzyme insufficiency [2]
  • Why more lipase may be needed beyond normal production in the pancreas [4]

6 Foods For Healthy Brain

foods for healthy brain

On a previous post Health Brain Healthy Body I shared 7 tips for maintaining a healthy brain. Having a healthy brain is essential to having a healthy body. Low fat diets and junk food diets do little to feed the brain what it needs to maintain healthy neurological function, memory and emotional well being. Environmental toxins like heavy metals as well as alcohol and drug abuse contribute greatly to loss of brain function and mental health.

This blog post will focus on eating right for your brain. Those of you with issues like anxiety, deppression, brain fog, memory loss, attention deficit disorder, dementia, autism, and addictions cannot ignore the impact of nutrition on the brain. Everyone knows the importance of nutrition when other organs of the body are ailing. But interestingly enough, nutrition for the brain and the ailments of the brain goes all to often ignored. I don't care what other treatments you may be using to deal with your brain issues, you cannot forget to eat foods for a healthy brain! 

Top Ten Supplements For Primo Health

top ten supplements

Taking vitamins and supplements without consulting with a nutrition professional can lead to unwanted health issues, and can end up being a waste of your money. It is best to do some sort of nutrition assessment like the Primo Blood Chemistry Analysis in order to identify any deficiencies or potential health issues related to nutrient deficiencies.

It is also very important to choose high quality supplements. Many discount store supplements are made with fillers and unnatural ingredients that can exacerbate symptoms. Some use synthetic versions of vitamins that are not easily absorbed or assimilated by some people.

How To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

rheumatoid arthritis natural treatment

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) can be a crippling and painful condition of the joints of the body affecting millions of Americans. It is not just a disease of the elderly, typically appearing in people from age 30 to 50. Understanding the mechanism of this autoimmune condition and known treatment options can help the sufferer cope with and possibly control its disconcerting symptoms.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the entire body, but especially the joints.  There is much evidence that RA is an autoimmune reaction, in which antibodies formed by the immune system attack components of joint tissue. (Murray, 2005, p. 761). 

How To Treat Coronary Artery Disease, Pt 2

treat coronary artery disease

This is Part 2 of a two part series on Cardiovascular Disease, specifically Coronary Artery Disease.  Click HERE to read Part 1 of this series.

Treatment Options and Lifestyle Changes

Biomedical Approach

Typical treatments include invasive interventions like percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, coronary artery bypass grafting, and other surgeries. These treatments attempt to alleviate symptoms. Drugs are used to lower three risk factors: LDL Cholesterol, blood pressure and platelet function. These may include aspirin, beta blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and lipid-lowering agents (statins). Patients are urged to quit smoking as a secondary prevention measure (Rakel, 2007, p. 301-303).

How To Treat Coronary Artery Disease, Pt 1

coronary artery disease

Cardiovascular disease is a class of diseases that involve the heart and/or blood vessels. It is America's number one killer, taking almost one million American lives every year. It is primarliy a lifestyle disease that is preventable. Therefore, our greatest defense is education about heart health and prevention cardiovascular disease.  This is Part 1 of a two part series.

The Health Benefits Of Flaxseeds

benefits of flaxseeds

The growing of, and consumption of, flaxseed (linseeds) dates back to Babylonian times. Hippocrates wrote about his use of flaxseed for healing abdominal pain. In the 18th Century it was illegal to not eat flaxseed. The early colonists planted flax when they came to America. Though not perfectly accepted in all nutrition circles (i.e., Paleo Diet community) the health benefits of flaxseeds are numerous and worthy of recognition.

As a child I recall my grandmother and mother boiling pots of flax to concoct a gelatenous drinkable tea. I remember them saying it was good for their digestion. My mother now in her 60's takes flax for her breast cancer as a preventive measure. They may not have understand the nutritional science behind these smooth shiny seeds, but they certainly have enjoyed its benefits.

Healthy Brain Healthy Body

healthy brain and body

One of the keys to living a Primo Healthy life is having a healthy brain.  

We don't often think of our brain as being important in keeping the rest of our body healthy, but by learning the brain's role in maintaining all your vital functions and movement, it becomes clear that we must tend to this organ carefully.

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